Pro Bulk Price Editor is a simple to use app designed to help you edit product prices in bulk - fast and accurate.

After installing the app there are no other setup steps or settings to be configured. You simply need to create Tasks to edit prices in bulk.

Steps to Edit Prices in Bulk

1. Go to the Tasks page and hit the Create Task button.

2. On the 'Create or Edit Task' page, the first step is to select the products that you want to edit. You can select more than one condition. Click 'Next'.

3. The app will search for the products that match the conditions and provide the count. You can click on the product count to see the exact products that will be edited. Note: all the variants of the selected products will be updated.

4. The next step is to configure the price rules. You can update the prices either by a fixed amount or provide a percentage markup or markdown. Optionally you can set the rounding off digits for both 'Price' and 'Compare Price'.

5. Verify your pricing rules by testing them in the Calculations box.

6. Finally, configure the task to run immediately to schedule it for a future date. Optionally, schedule the rollback task to revert prices back to the original state. Click 'Save'. 

7. The app will execute the task as per the configuration. You can monitor the task activity in real-time and see the products that were edited with New and Old prices displayed together.

Import Note:

  1. The app deletes the task logs after a period of 2 months.
  2. After 2 months the tasks cannot be rolled back.
  3. Please run or schedule a task only one at a time. Running multiple tasks simultaneously might cause unintended product edits especially if the products are common across tasks. Moreover, we will run the risk of Shopify API limit outage.
  4. On average, the app updates 2 products per second (approx). The speed of the update depends on the Shopify API limit of your account. Moreover, we deploy a double-check mechanism to ensure the prices are updated perfectly 100% of the time. Due to this additional check, the speed is slightly slower.
  5. Do not use the app on multiple browser tabs simultaneously. This might cause issues with the accuracy of the product edits.